M1: Master Series

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M1: Master Series

Master Series

Class overview

What is the M1: Master Series?

The M1: Master series focuses on the progressive development of high skill gymnastics and olympic lifting movements. Athletes will develop the skills required to perform some of the more challenging movements associated with CrossFit.

The M1: Master Series is offered on Saturdays at 10:00 AM. Each class is 60-minutes long and will focus on the development of common gymnastics and olympic lifting skills and techniques required to excel in the sport of CrossFit. Each class will be broken down into the following components:

  • Introduction (5 minutes): a brief welcome and overview of the class structure
  • Warmup (10 minutes): a brief warmup and mobility session designed to better prepare athletes for the demands of each class
  • Skill Work & Workout (45 minutes): instruction on the movement(s) of the day, with an occasional workout designed to assess the athletes’ proficiency at the movement(s)
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No prior experience necessary. These mini-clinics are free for members and just $10 for visitors!

M1: Master Series

Class Schedule

10:00 AM
M1: Master Series
10:00 AM
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M1: Master Series

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