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What is Weight Lifting?

Weight Lifting is the perfect complement to our CrossFit and Gymnastics programs, offering focused strength development across three primary areas: olympic lifting, powerlifting, and strongman. Athletes will develop advanced proficiency with each of the lifts or movements intrinsic to these three sports.

Weight Lifting is offered on Thursday at 6:00 PM. Each class is 60-minutes long and will focus on the technical and strength building aspects of olympic lifting. Each class will be broken down into the following components:

  • Introduction (5 minutes): a brief welcome and overview of the class structure
  • Warmup (10 minutes): a brief warmup and mobility session designed to better prepare athletes for the demands of each class
  • Technical Overview (15 minutes): focused instruction on the lift(s) of the day, including exercises and drills designed to improve form and build strength
  • Weightlifting (30 minutes): strength-building portion of class time is coached so that athletes continue to develop great form, even under heavier or faster conditions
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Successful completion of our three-week introductory program, Primed, three months of verified CrossFit experience at a licensed affiliate, or completion of alternative test-out protocol.

Weight Lifting

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6:00 pm
Weight Lifting
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Weight Lifting

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