Bridget Steffen

Bridget Steffen

About me


Hometown: Jacksonville, Florida

Profession: Gymnastics coach, CrossFit coach

Favorite Activities: Yoga and hiking

Fun Fact: Bridget loves to organize anything and everything and can typically be found cleaning, for fun.

Advice for her athletes: “Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, be afraid to not learn from them.”

Get to know Coach Bridget: Bridget’s energetic personality is guaranteed to keep you motivated throughout her classes. As a competitive gymnast for more than 17 years, Bridget had the opportunity to travel around the country before she was ultimately lead to compete as a Division I athlete for Towson University. After retiring from competitive gymnastics, Bridget found CrossFit and was immediately drawn to the competitive, yet motivating atmosphere. As a coach, she enjoys incorporating a variety of traditional gymnastics elements into her classes and revels in seeing her athletes overcome their fears, whether lifting heavy weights overhead or finally finding peace and balance when upside down.