Jennifer Stevens

Jennifer Stevens

About me


Hometown: NoVa, Virginia

Profession: CrossFit Coach, Personal Trainer, Photographer

Favorite Activities: Running, blogging, photography, playing with her grandkids, wine tasting, cooking, reading – you know, all the fun things!

Fun Fact: Jennifer rekindled her love of running in 2008 and ran 2 half-marathons, 8 marathons, and, most recently, a 50k in October 2018!

Advice for her athletes: “Keep working and keep pushing. In order to improve, you have to step outside your comfort zone and push a little harder, lift a little heavier, practice more.”

Get to know Coach Jen: Jennifer is our dedicated early morning CrossFit coach, bringing energy and motivation to our early risers. Her degree in Sports and Health Sciences, paired with her experiences as an extreme distance runner afford her athletes a unique experience each day. Jennifer also prides herself on constantly seeking new ways to make her classes exciting and to encourage each athlete along their fitness journey. And to top it off, Jennifer is also loves to share some of her favorite, healthy recipes to compliment an active lifestyle!