Rob Gorman

Rob Gorman

About me


Hometown: Marblehead, MA

Profession: US Coast Guard: Electrical Engineer

Favorite Activities: Sailing, mountain biking, kiteboarding, skiing, attending Phish concerts

Fun Fact: In college, Rob competed in sailing full time. If you don’t see sailing as an athletic endeavor, look up Anna Tunnicliffe Tobias – CF Games competitor and Olympic gold medalist in sailing…just saying!

Advice to his athletes: “Stay consistent and remain focused on mastering the fundamentals no matter how developed you are (or aren’t) as an athlete. Don’t forget sleeping and eating well are many times more impactful on your health than the 1 hour a day in the gym. Use your fitness outside the gym and go have fun!”

Get to know Coach Rob: Rob lives for the opportunity to positively influence people through fitness. Ultimately, Rob sees the benefits of CrossFit and other athletic endeavors permeate in many other areas of his athletes’ lives. Growing up, Rob was always extremely active, playing soccer, lacrosse, swimming and sailing. More recently, he has found a passion for Olympic weightlifting. He holds multiple certifications, including: CF-L2, CF-Weightlifting, USAW Level 1.