Shiloh Kramer

Shiloh Kramer

About me


Hometown: Chesapeake, Virginia

Profession: Electrician

Favorite Activities: Golfing, obstacle course races and of course…CrossFit competitions.

Fun Fact: Shiloh once drove to Texas and back in one day.

Advice for his athletes: “Form and function always comes before heavier weight and fast time.”

Get to know Coach Shiloh: Shiloh became interested in CrossFit after years of following the “normal routine” – headphones on/world off, found in most gyms. He thought CrossFit would be easy so he decided to give it a shot, but was surprised by how challenging it was! His goals are now geared towards building confidence within his athletes to improve their competency in each movement. He is a huge advocate for CrossFit’s core methodology Abe believes fitness begins with proper nutrition. He is currently pursuing a Precision Nutrition certification in order to provide his athletes with well exceptional dietary and nutritional advice/information.