Skyler Brady

Skyler Brady

About me


Hometown: Danbury, Connecticut

Profession: CEO of Defined Athletics

Favorite Activities: Faith, family, and all things fitness – Brazilian jiu-jitsu, soccer, surfing, football…

Fun Fact: Nearly 6 years ago, Skyler started Defined Athletics with his last $50. At the time, he was homeless, living out of a small hotel room with his mother, brother and two dogs.

Advice for his athletes: “Hard work beats talent when talent refuses to work hard!”

Get to know Coach Skyler: Skyler is the founder and CEO of Defined Athletics, a company founded nearly six years ago with the mission to inspire and empower the global athletic community. He was introduced to CrossFit by his brother, Brock, and cousin, Ben, while training and competing in mixed martial arts. He immediately saw the benefits of adding CrossFit into his MMA training, and soon found himself consumed by the sport. He gave up a career in medicine to pursue what he believes to be an entirely new frontier in preventative healthcare. Today, Skyler is overseeing Defined Athletics’ first physical location in Portsmouth, VA, but hopes to soon share his vision with affiliate and gym owners worldwide. Inside the gym, Skyler thoroughly enjoys helping athletes overcome physical, mental and emotional barriers to their success, and tries to make each class fun, yet challenging.